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In 2022 the Gala will continue to encourage Trade stand participation from local companies. Please see link below to trade form application for further information.


Stage One

Traders must download, print and complete the corresponding application form for 2022. Please also include a brief description of what you are selling, as this helps the Organiser best place your site. 

Stage Two

Traders must send their completed form to Bromyard Gala, (contact details on form) and agree to make a bank transfer using the business name as the payment reference- details for this are on the form.

Stage Three

You will receive a reply about your application with confirmation that it has been accepted. If for any reason your application has not been accepted, we will be in touch to explain this decision in more detail.

Please contact Steve Symonds - / 07939 075245



In years past the craft and food marquees have catered for traders unwilling to take an outside stand. This will again apply for 2022 but with a greater focus on crafts and particularly demonstrations of craft skills. Companies producing food products for home consumption may choose between a location on the Gala site or inclusion in the Craft and Food marquee where food preparation/cooking demonstrations will also be encouraged.

Please contact Nigel Hartwright - 07976 885774
Download Craft Marquee Application Form
Download Food Marquee Application Form

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